The orchard and its curiosities

Learn with us, as we share how we created and learned to enjoy harvesting and cooking our own plants. In the greenhouse, we show you our years of learning how to grow fully organic cherry tomatoes. Learn about the important role our animals play in the garden and why we are a self-sustaining farm. We all have an important role to play here.
We will talk about the benefits that medicinal and aromatic plants give us. We will enjoy their aromas and flavors, and if you are more interested, we will take a look at the organic techniques we use in our planting to obtain chemical-free crops.

Farm and animals

Every morning, the sun begins its day and is accompanied by all the characteristic sound nuances of the countryside. The roosters and all the birds that live among us, delight us with their colors and songs to give us a unique awakening full of energy.
If you pay attention early in the morning, our animals start their dialogue between themselves. The donkey and the goats always eager and ready to go out to their new day and the ducks ready than ever for breakfast. Feeding the animals in the morning is an experience that children and adults cannot miss and the most daring can learn how to milk the goat.




More than a trend, our natural food has a very important role for us. We OFFER what we HARVEST. We serve dishes made with dedication and we take advantage of the production rhythm of our garden. The breakfast of the house includes stuffed arepas, fruit and hot drink. We love to prepare green smoothies that deliver wellness to our digestion. We can also harvest medicinal and aromatic plants to enjoy fresh infusions made to suit the palate.
Lunch can offer you a typical soup cooked on firewood or a paella type rice that mixes our vegetables with different meats, among many other options. And in the evening, you can taste our delicious homemade pizza baked on an open fire or homemade hamburgers, among other surprises.